About us

Live out your life.

Welcome to Actuation Academy

“We don’t give scholarships, we create scholars”


Why Actuation

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Better Academics

Actuation Academy is run by outstanding academicians who are in this profession by choice and not by option. So the complete focus is on quality not quantity.

Regular Counselling

We share our notes and try to learn from each other every day, every minute, every hour


Our Focus is on the whole child—the social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development of each student regardless of anything’s,

Our Misson

Although our methodology is specialized for IIT-JEE and NEET, all our courses at Actuation Academy are fit as per the interest and requirement of the students.
We, at Actuation Academy, run courses right from Class VI to Class XII.
Our “NEEV” division gives the young minds of classes 6th to 10th a solid foundation for future.
Our “AARON” division targets the performance of students from Classes 11th and 12th for IIT-JEE and NEET.

Our Values

Actuation Academy prepares the child for life, not just for testing. It achieved by having good teachers, who are enabled by good teaching and learning processes, and facilitated by a conducive learning environment.

Director’s Message

“I take the pleasure in welcoming you to Actuation Academy, an institute dedicated to the proper growth and development of each and every student for a better career prospect.
In today’s world where every educational institute have lost sight of their noble ideals in a mad rush for money, as a director of Actuation Academy I take pride in introducing ourselves as an academy committed to the idea of excellence in education.
Our Mission is to be an Institution of distinction that is committed to the development of human capacities by disseminating knowledge on the core principles of: quality, access, impact and relevance.
We as team are all set to bring out the potential within each student and provide proper guidance so that their potentials can be utilized to make their future capable of meeting any challenge.
Actuation Academy has a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty who devote their time not only to teaching but also for the overall development of the students.
Our faculty guides the students from the basic fundamentals of each topic to the ways of tactfully attempting the exam. Assignments and notes are provided to the students to supplement the lectures. Finally, tests are given for a fair assessment of what has been taught. Ability grouping is done for apt handling of each student’s need and practice sessions are also given to the students after each class apart from individual doubt-clearing sessions. Regular parent-teacher interaction through SMS / Telephone calls / Remark Cards and personal meetings is undertaken for timely updates. Our endeavour has always been to bring out the best in each student.
These unique characteristics of Actuation Academy have resulted in path breaking results every year since its origin.
We are confident that the students passing out from this Academy will be technically sound, confident and have good leadership skills.
I wish all the best to all the prospective students.”
Dr. Tushir
Director (Actuation Academy)